Senator Landrieu. . .Will be a NO Vote on Bolton


This just in from Senator Landrieu‘s office:

Sen. Landrieu Statement on the Nomination of John Bolton
WASHINGTON — The following is a statement by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., regarding the nomination of John Bolton as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations:
Sen. Landrieu said:

“As member after member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee shed light on some very troubling aspects of John Bolton’s relationships with his peers and subordinates, it became increasingly clear to me that he may very well be the wrong choice for this important post. However, he is President Bush’s choice. At a time when international cooperation is more essential than at perhaps any other time in recent memory, it is indeed unfortunate that the president would select a nominee that scores of former diplomats have petitioned this body not to confirm.
“Now is the time when America must reach out and strengthen its relationships with other nations — not choose as its Ambassador a man who not only once refused to even acknowledge the body in which he is nominated to serve, but who is also alleged to have jeopardized peace talks through his own inflammatory remarks. Further, his total disregard for international institutions raises concerns that he does not grasp the spirit in which lasting peace is achieved.
“In light of this pattern of poor judgment and inappropriate behavior, I intend to vote against his confirmation as Ambassador to the United Nations. But while I share the concerns of many of my colleagues regarding the White House’s refusal to share documents relating to his alleged mishandling of intelligence information, I believe the debate on Mr. Bolton’s nomination has been thorough and complete. It is time for it to come to an end. As such, I voted tonight for cloture on his nomination.”

Tick tock. Tick tock. Time is on our side in this battle.
— Steve Clemons