McCain Supports Bolton but Wants White House to Make Documents Available


Either the White House will have to concede on the principle that the Senate can ask for whatever documents it wants, other than those protected by Executive Privilege or John Bolton’s nomination will languish indefinitely.
John McCain joined the chorus of those opposed to the White House position — though still expressing support for Bolton.
This from the New York Times:

One of John Bolton’s leading Republican backers, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, signaled his support on Friday for a compromise in which the White House might allow Senate leaders access to highly classified documents in return for a final vote on Bolton’s nomination as U.N. ambassador early next month.
But the White House showed no sign that the administration might change course.
“The Democrats who are clamoring for this have already voted against John Bolton,” said Scott McClellan, the White House spokesman. “This is about partisan politics, not documents. They have the information they need.”
McCain reiterated support for Bolton on Fox News. Senators calling on the administration to share the documents “have some substance to their argument,” McCain said.

Scott McClellan’s job description does not include making arbitrary decisions about what documents the Senators can have — and which they cannot.
McClellan also needs to be reminded that the White House stiffed the REPUBLICAN CHAIRMAN of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar, on the evidence requests he made of the administration.
More later.
— Steve Clemons