Gridlock on Bolton: White House Not Conceding


TWN is trying to assess how firm White House resolve is that it will not concede on the NSA documents and “other” evidence requests, particularly the material Senators Biden, Dodd, and Lugar requested on Syria policy.
This is the line the White House press office is feeding the press:

“John Bolton enjoys majority [Senate] support, and it’s a shame that Democrats are stopping a vote,” said Erin Healy, a White House spokeswoman. “This is about partisan politics, not documents.”

By the time opponents are done, I think that the chorus of Republican opposition will increase against Bolton and the White House is losing ground — incremental as it may be — at every single step in the Bolton process. In the end, I think he can be beaten on a floor vote — but not yet.
The White House was stunned by the action on Thursday night, again completely caught off guard as its legislative team has been at most stages of the Bolton Battle.
Bolton’s nomination is dead if the administration does not concede on the documents. The only other option is a recess appointment, which is the President’s right, but even the veneer of respectability for Bolton will not be possible then if he takes the Ambassadorship.
Stay tuned.
— Steve Clemons