C-Span Today with Daniel Levy on Winograd Report on Israel’s Lebanon War



Today at 12:30 pm EST, I will be moderating a meeting with my colleague Daniel Levy — Director of the New America Foundation’s Middle East Policy Initiative and a Senior Fellow at both the New America Foundation and Century Foundation — titled “The Report into Israel’s Lebanon War: Strategic and Political Implications”. This meeting will air live on C-Span today. I believe it will be on C-Span’s main channel. — Steve Clemons

U.S. Playing Catch-Up as Zimbabwean Bid for UNCSD Chair Moves Forward



SustainUS, the U.S. youth network for sustainable development, sends delegations of young people to U.N. sustainable development meetings every year to meet with governments and discover the connections between global challenges and the problems they face in their communities every day. My own experience with SustainUS was incredibly formative and gave me my first real insight into the world of international affairs. I highly recommend the blog written by the SustainUS delegation to the 2007 Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD)….

Politkovskaya Wins Press Freedom Award



Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist who criticized Vladimir Putin’s goverment – and specifically, its prosecution of the war in Chechnya – was posthumously awarded the U.N. World Press Freedom Prize. Posthumously, of course, because she was shot last October, presumably for some completely unrelated reason. As I’ve written here before, this is no isolated incident. I hope this award brings the problem into clearer focus, as Russia is now the second most dangerous country in the world for journalists (Iraq is…

McCain’s International Institution Problem



John McCain yesterday called for the establishment of a new international organization, a League of Democracies. The organization McCain envisions would not supplement the United Nations, but “act where the UN fails to act.” What McCain may not know is that this so-called “League of Democracies” was dreamed up as a Trojan horse by John Bolton, Anne Bayefsky, Claudia Rosett, and others who wish to retire the United Nations. A United Democratic Nations, they have reasoned, would advance American priorities…

Wolfowitz: Stop Betting Against Me!



Ken Rogoff, former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, has poked some fun at Paul Wolfowitz’s teetering tenure as President of the World Bank. Rogoff has spoof-written a Wolfowitz memo to his staff to not get caught betting on one of the on-line gambling sites which has contracts available on whether he will resign or not. It opens: Dear Staff: As long as I remain Bank President, I intend to continue enforcing my signature anti-corruption initiative at the world’s…