Tony Blair Resigns: Clintonesque Leader Evolves into Moralistic, Bush-Like Crusader



Tony Blair has informed his Queen and his Cabinet that he is stepping down as Prime Minister. Americans tend to look at other country’s heads-of-state through the prism of their own president — but Blair even more so. Blair used to seem a lot like Clinton. Now sadly, he looks a lot like Bush.

<em>NY Times</em>: Europe Offers U.S. a Deal on Wolfowitz Exit



One of the unwritten but hard as concrete rules in the governance of the world’s two most important transnational financial institutions is that a European heads the International Monetary Fund and an American heads the World Bank. . .always.

Wolfowitz Aide Kevin Kellems Out at World Bank



Kevin Kellems, who previously worked as spokesman for Vice President Cheney and then became a senior adviser to Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank, has announced he is resigning his position. He is the first to fall in Wolfowitz’s camp after the turmoil triggered by allegations of nepotism and mismanagement by Wolfowitz at the Bank….

Climate Security: Who’s At Risk?



Worldwatch researcher Michael Renner’s chapter in the 2005 edition of State of the World is probably the best summary of the intersection between environment and security out there. He also co-authored a great chapter on disaster management as a peacebuilding opportunity with my good friend Zoe Chafe in last year’s State of the World.

Getting John Bolton Off of Bush’s Payroll Correlates with Improved US Foreign Policy Gains



I agree with Scott Paul that John Bolton’s co-mingling during his Bradley Prize acceptance speech of Senator Chris Dodd and and former Senator Lincoln Chafee with prominent citizens of Pyongyang, Havana, Damascus and Tehran was at first glance disconcerting.