Cheney Attempting to Constrain Bush’s Choices on Iran Conflict: Staff Engaged in Insubordination Against President Bush



There is a race currently underway between different flanks of the administration to determine the future course of US-Iran policy. On one flank are the diplomats, and on the other is Vice President Cheney’s team and acolytes — who populate quite a wide swath throughout the American national security bureaucracy.

Paulson Plays the Rude Card Against Chinese: No Windfall Expected



(Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson and China Vice Premier Wu Yi perform the US-China hit, Strained Smiles.) Wow. Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson just about did everything wrong but spit on Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi today at the premature wrap-up of the Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) meeting in Washington.

A Neocon War-Planning Vacation to the Bahamas!



Jim Lobe, one of the best international affairs correspondents who has resisted the trend towards homogenization in his sector’s coverage, has launched a blog, and he has a cool expose on a neocon retreat being planned for the Bahamas on May 30. The conference is titled “Confronting The Iranian Threat: The Way Forward.

Richardson is Hitting the Mark on Energy



To no one’s surprise, Bill Richardson is officially a candidate for President. Richardson is showing well right now in Iowa, though some people doubt he can break through to the supposed “top tier” of candidates. I think he certainly has the potential; whether or not his candidacy really takes off remains to be seen.