Sunday Chestertown Tea Party, Cheney and “End Runs”


For those of you in the neighborhood, I will be hanging around Chestertown, Maryland and enjoying the annual “Chestertown Tea Party” festivities. The boat race (see pic above) across the Chester River at 2:30 pm today is worth hanging out for.
For the rest, I’ll be talking about Vice President Cheney, Iran, and “end run” strategies at 2 pm EST on “Ian Masters’ Background Briefing” and then at 5 pm EST on the new “Sam Seder Show.”
More later.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Sunday Chestertown Tea Party, Cheney and “End Runs”

  1. Bonethug Iranian says:

    Dicky row the barge ashore…hallelujah! Exxon Mobil isn’t going to like this. Not even for a minute!


  2. dano says:

    Good interview on Background Briefing. Others who read this weblog ought to listen to it for more info on the Cheney post of a few days ago.


  3. Pissed Off American says:

    Steve. You musta posted the wrong photograph. You promised us a boat race, yet you have shown us a picture of an aquagraffe attacking an Eldoraphibian. I hope DHS is responding.


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