If you can excuse the acronym-speak in the title of this post, I hope you’ll share my disappointment that the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) is falling on hard times.

Busy Friday: C-Span to Cover Econ Conference & That “Michael Baroody Ad”



Greetings folks — a lot going on today. First, by close of business today, we will know the broader character and substance of World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz’s defense. I will post on that this afternoon. I also have some comments about this Posada trial fiasco that will be up later today.

Wolfowitz Getting Out of Town?



World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has to present his defense to the Bank board by close of business tomorrow [Friday]. He may resign (or be told he’s effectively fired) then or late that evening (sneaking past the news cycle). . .or may just decide to do nothing and leave town for a bit.