C-Span Today with Daniel Levy on Winograd Report on Israel’s Lebanon War


Today at 12:30 pm EST, I will be moderating a meeting with my colleague Daniel Levy — Director of the New America Foundation’s Middle East Policy Initiative and a Senior Fellow at both the New America Foundation and Century Foundation — titled “The Report into Israel’s Lebanon War: Strategic and Political Implications”.
This meeting will air live on C-Span today. I believe it will be on C-Span’s main channel.
— Steve Clemons


13 comments on “C-Span Today with Daniel Levy on Winograd Report on Israel’s Lebanon War

  1. Extra extra says:

    Recently I started studying Dispensationalism, which lead me to look at Restorationism and all helped to clarify the chaos in the world today. Look it up on google if you will, I think you can sum it up with the phrase Armageddonism
    see the United States of Israel Palesting blog for more on this http://unitedip.blogspot.com


  2. Pissed Off American says:

    “You’re quite an expert on the Middle East, Pissed Off American. Thanks for your insightful and balanced analysis.”
    Posted by anon
    You’re quite welcome. And thank you for the enlightening explanation about how Israel’s use of cluster munitions, as they were used, is justified or moral.
    You seem to be quite an expert yourself; at typing short lines of inconsequential bullshit. But thats allright, I realize it is what Israel’s indefensible actions have reduced you to. I mean, why exert yourself fabricating justifications where none exist? Its far easier just depositing the empty bullshit you’ve just posted, isn’t it?


  3. anon says:

    You’re quite an expert on the Middle East, Pissed Off American. Thanks for your insightful and balanced analysis.


  4. Pissed Off American says:

    “Yeah, Carroll. What a travesty that the Israelis bombed osirak. How dare they do such a thing??”
    Posted by anon
    Well, its pretty hard to award Israel with any sense of moral propriety when they litter the Lebanese countryside with cluster munitions. I might add that those munitions are continuing to kill Lebanese civilians, as we speak. Such actions call into question all of Israel’s military actions, even the ones that could arguably be presented as legitimate defensive actions. Of course, we still have heard no rationale, or credible justification, for the use of these cluster munitions in the waning hours of the “war”. You people would rather we just ignore the war crimes and human rights abuses of the Israelis. It makes for a much more condusive atmosphere for your murderous racism and islamophobia, to say nothing of your misleading propaganda in regards to Iran’s nuclear capabilities.
    BTW, where have you been? This thread has definately progressed to the point where one of you Israel Firsters usually drop in, spewing and drooling your usual horseshit about anti-semitism.


  5. anon says:

    Yeah, Carroll. What a travesty that the Israelis bombed osirak. How dare they do such a thing??


  6. worldly mother says:

    Kagan to Wolfowitz to Bolton to Iran to Israel, all creators of the war with Iraq. And pushing for more in Iran.
    Israel is just as responsible for fake intelligence as Cheny and the rest were.
    They should be stripped of their favored nation status and all weapons sales should severely be restricted. As much for their own protection as for others.
    But most importantly, The Note must work on the the hard line Jews in this country, from CNN’s Larry King to Daniel Pipes, to stop their paranoid rants of propoganda against any and all who dislike Israeli policies.
    Tagging everyone around Israel as enemies deceives no one. The proof is just as absent as it was in Iraq.
    Where was Iran’s bravado, the military might of Iran and Syria against Israel last year?
    Hizbollah’s weaponry were those of street fighters. Simple, old and very ineffective.
    Nothing like the child maiming selection of WMD’s Israel had to offer.
    The U.S. and Israel better wake up.
    Nationalism is not terrorism.
    Hamas and Hizbollah are Israel’s very own step-children.


  7. Pissed Off American says:

    Well well, golly gee. Now, whatever would prompt Kagan, a rabid PNAC neoconista and Israel firster, to endorse Obama?
    An excerpt………
    “But last week a surprising new name joined the chorus of praise for the antiwar Obama – that of Robert Kagan, a leading neoconservative and co-founder of the Project for the New American Century in the late 1990s, which called for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.”


  8. Pissed Off American says:

    “Barack Obama, a brand new upcoming Democrat, was taken on an all expense paid iniation trip to Israel by AIPAC. He and the ‘part Jewish’ Hillary Clinton were part of the 12 who voted to kill that bill.”
    Posted by worldly mother
    On a number of occasions on this blog I have pointed out that Obama has no track record that would seem to explain his rocket-fast elevation to notoriety. As a consequence of that observation, I have commented that there must be tremendous power and money behind the push to shove this relative unknown into the Oval Office. It is obvious that “worldly mother” has a firm and realistic grasp on just who, and what, that entity of tremendous power and money is.


  9. Carroll says:

    Posted by worldly mother at May 4, 2007 03:31 PM


  10. worldly mother says:

    After catching the tail end of Mr. Levy’s publicly balanced perspective, I thank you for finally opening up the discussion to include others.
    Mr. Levy today commented on the absence of all the moderate voices discussing Israel issues. But as one actively involved and interested in working together for a solution, I can find you thousands other voices like mine who will tell you emphatically that it is those on the extreme right responsible for blocking all other’s from speaking.
    Ask Mr. Levy, editor of Haaretz News. He’s one of the favorite and respected voices well known in America to Jews and non-Jews. He comments frequently how even he, as a Jew, is branded as an anti-Semite if he dares report anything against the hard liners.
    The repeated slap of ‘anti-Semitism’ to those not in agreement with the far right’s opinions must end today!
    Save that for the white supremacists and other racists filled with true hatred toward Jews.
    You’re familiar with this appropriate and timely quote I hope:
    An adversary is not the same as an enemy.
    You’re very first order of business sirs should be to slap down groups like AIPAC, who work from that extreme agenda, and use fearmongering and threats to coerce American members of Congress to legislate in opposition to America’s interest soley for Israel’s benefit.
    Congress, think tanks, all should open up active discussions to finally stop this paranoind illusion that Israel is surrounded by enemies.
    One of the worst examples of hard liners impacts on American politics is so heinous that I and others now look at a candidates connections to AIPAC, before voting. A terrible thing to do I admit, but we feel forced into it. A quick example: We all supported Senator Russ Feingold as an outstanding candidate for ’08.
    During the outrageously long 34 day war last year we begged Congress to intervene and stop it. Only Senator Hagel, a Republican, spoke out. Senator Feingold, a true champion of justice for all, was silent. We were all devastated and still hold him dear to us, but removed our Presidential support.
    The world desperately needs a steady balanced hand right now.
    You’ve also heard I’m sure of how AIPAC silenced the House too in that call for a ceasefire.
    Steny Hoyer wasn’t elected Majority Leader because he was well liked. His website, until November, carried this line from an AIPAC speech:
    “…There are some who believe in a balanced approach to the Israel-Palestine issue. I do not.”
    Chris VanHollen retracted his pleas for the ceasefire, but only after another AIPAC expense paid trip to Israel.
    He, despite being new, was rewarded a chairmanship in the House, by Hoyer and Pelosi.
    The two foreign affairs committees are now run by Jewish members. And take hard line positions.
    This is Israel’s idea of Democracy?
    Is this America’s idea of Democracy?
    In Lebanon’s Daily Star news, after the election, a story expressed some fears that the new Democrats were too biased to Israel. The article went on to discuss future policy issues. But in Israel’s Haaretz, Posners post-election headline read “More Jews elected to Congress”.
    What an insulting self-serving headline. He expressed no policy concerns. Just numbers.
    On and on it goes. And some wonder why Israel is disliked. At least they’re not #1 now.
    But, as one of the Left, this shocked me even more. Because it became personal:
    You have no idea how disgusted all of us were, in fact it became something of a final straw, when in the last three days before the Israel/Lebanon ceasefire, Israel dropped over 100,000 cluster bomblets on Lebanon. What a spiteful act of pure brutality children will face for decades!
    One of our most moderate and respected Senators, Senator Diane Feinstein tried to pass legislation outlawing the use of cluster bombs only in civilian areas. She did not try to stop their use completely.
    She was defeated.
    12 Democrats joined with all of the Republicans to kill the bill. It was meant, in part as a sign to protect Israel.
    Thousands of Democrats, including myself, left the party and will continue to leave as a result of such pandering and extreme un-American activities.
    Civil and human rights use to be the cornerstones of the Democratic party. Israel has crumbled them, to the detriment of all.
    Barack Obama, a brand new upcoming Democrat, was taken on an all expense paid iniation trip to Israel by AIPAC. He and the ‘part Jewish’ Hillary Clinton were part of the 12 who voted to kill that bill.
    We will fight to keep either of them from becoming the next President.


  11. Kathleen says:

    C-Span runs a Daily poll question at http://www.capitalnews.org
    Today Ron Paul is running way ahead of the other Repugnicans. I love it.


  12. Matthew says:

    You know what’s the worst part of the Israel-Hez War last summer? Even Arab-American Legislators like Rahall and Issa voted in favor of a resolution supporting Israel while the IDF vandalized Lebanon. And now Harvard is hosting Dan Halutz, the former IDF chief, in one of its graduate programs. The man who bragged about “turning back the clock” in Lebanon 20 years….This, to me, is definitive proof that American “leadership” in the ME and a “good outcome” for Arabs are mutually exclusive propositions.


  13. Carroll says:

    I am listening now.
    God forbid Netanyahu rises.
    After hearing the GOP nutcases say last night that the US would become involved if Israel attacked Iran and listening to the repub cult worship their leader Reagan, they need to remember Reagan’s actual position:
    Reagan diary reveals Israel concerns
    E-mail News Brief
    Tell the Editors
    “Israel’s military actions in the early 1980s greatly unsettled Ronald Reagan, diary entries by the late U.S. president revealed.
    Vanity Fair published excerpts this week of a daily journal in which Reagan mused on everything from Hollywood films to Washington’s foreign policy. The tactics of then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin appear to have been especially unsettling for Reagan, a devout Christian.
    “Got word of Israel bombing of Iraq — nuclear reactor,” he wrote in response to the 1981 airstrike on Osirak. “I swear I believe Armageddon is near.” But he added, “We are not turning on Israel — that would be an invitation for the Arabs to attack.”
    A year later, Reagan called Begin to complain about Israel’s war on Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon and the civilian toll it exacted.
    “I was angry — I told him it had to stop or our entire future relationship was endangered,” Reagan wrote. “I used the word holocaust deliberately and said the symbol of war was becoming a picture of a 7-month-old baby with its arms blown off.”


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