White House Waffles: Miers Gone. . .Bork-Acoylte Next?


Big News. Harriet Miers has withdrawn. Next in line may be a Bork-like nominee.
Senator Sam Brownback said on NPR’s “Morning Edition” this morning that the “hill to get to the Supreme Court is already pretty big — and her hill was just getting bigger.” He also said that much of the Senate (read, Republican Senate) opposition to her was the difficulty in accessing her record and documentation of her views from the Executive Branch.
File that one away for future use.
Someone just emailed me that CNN is saying again today that Fitzgerald will make no public comments today. This is odd — and if true, is definitely different than my sources shared. I’d advise keeping our powder dry — and seeing what unfolds. I’ll do what I can to learn more — but clearly, there is incedible confusion and anxiety proliferating about Patrick Fitzgerald’s next move.
On the rumor front — unsubstantiated — I was told by the source that had said John McCain had been approached by intermediaries about the possibility of accepting a VP appointment if Cheney developed “health problems” that McCain turned down the offer. . .definitively.
More soon. Thanks for all the good wishes.
Those who said it hurts worse the second and third days after an accident were right.
— Steve Clemons