New Information: First the Website, Now the New Office Space


Sources of TWN‘s retract information on this story — see link.
Patrick Fitzgerald’s intermediaries denied that there was any significance to the establishment of a new website, minimalist as it is, for the Office of the Special Counsel which is investigating the “outing” of Valerie Plame Wilson’s covert CIA responsibilities to the media.
Fitzgerald’s people said that the investigation coming to a close and the website going up was just coincidence.
Well, news has just reached TWN that Patrick Fitzgerald is expanding not only into a new website — but also into more office space.
Fitzgerald’s office is at 1400 New York Avenue, NW, 9th Floor in Washington.
What I have learned is that the Office of the Special Counsel has signed a lease this week for expanded office space across the street at 1401 New York Avenue, NW.
Another coincidence? More office space needed to shut down the operation?
I think not. Fitzgerald’s operation is expanding.
— Steve Clemons