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. . .but who’s counting.
I haven’t paid much attention to the various rankings and web awards out there. My blog roll is painfully out of date and need to fix that.
But each day, I try to squeeze in some blog thinking, blog posting, and blog conversations with some of my most active commenters into my real life.
I have to say though that while top ten would be better — and congrats to Josh Marshall, Matthew Yglesias, Andrew Sullivan, Olliver Willis, Arianna Huffington, Henry Farrell and many others — top 50 is still fantastic in my book.
Thanks much to Evan Carmichael for putting out his annual roster of top political blogs and including The Washington Note.
Here again is the link to the list — which I am encouraging folks to “Digg.”
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “TWN: Top 50 Political Blogs

  1. timothy says:

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  2. gina says:

    This was so amazing Utube gets it


  3. timothy moriarty says:

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  4. Hugh Crossin says:

    You may not have the graphics nor the quantity but you still manage to contribute clear, singular thoughts amid the growing clamor.


  5. Dan Kervick says:

    Well, Steve, I wouldn’t worry too much about your ranking, given the apparent values of the people who made up that list.
    The Huffington Post doesn’t even seem like a genuine “blog” to me. It’s more like an online tabloid newspaper, filled with infotrash, entertainment news and celebrity hijinks. The commentary mostly seems recycled from other places, in the same way opinion pieces are run off the wire at a newspaper, and a large percentage of those pieces are at a low, thoughtless, hack level.
    I prefer blogs like yours, where I might actually learn something from people who have expertise in what they post about, whether that means you yourself or some of your excellent guests and associates.
    The blogosphere, or at least the large mass of most-visited sites at the top of the blogospheric food chain, is a pretty dismal and debased place these days. There are very few blogs that are using the capabilities of the medium responsibly to advance the cause of human reason and knowledge. Most of it is an ugly, noisy wasteland. As someone who used to depend heavily on the blogosphere as a place to find viewpoints that were well informed, vital alternatives to the insipid conformity of the mainstream media, I now find myself clicking aimlessly from site to site to find something worth spending time on.


  6. Tahoe Editor says:

    Suggestion: You’ll move even further up the rankings if you fire your (acting) webmaster and get a professional design with a functioning mechanism that doesn’t make us repeat crapchas all day long. Go on. Upgrade yourself. You (and we) deserve it.


  7. Steve Clemons says:

    Thanks Tahoe, Karl, WigWag, and the rest — I wouldn’t call it
    besting…but it still feels good.
    As I said, I like all good blogs — and am just happy that this has
    made it on some radar screens.
    More later — I’ll be watching Bush at 9.


  8. WigWag says:

    I have looked at most of the blogs on the top 50 list at one time or another. The Washington Note is far better than any of the other blogs on the list. The posts are usually smarter and the comments are usually smarter.
    Many of the blogs on the list are just bad. Some like the Huffington Post, Kos and the Daily Dish are actually contemptible.
    Steve shouldn’t be just be proud at making the list, he should be annoyed that so many terrible blogs ranked above his.
    But no matter, anyone who visits any of these sites regularly knows the truth; the Washington Note is number 1!


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