One Phone Call/Two Countries Chat: US-China Showdown May Be On Way



My close pal, Chris Nelson, who was essentially blogging before there were blogs publishes the uber-insider Nelson Report (not online and available only to those who pay a super high subscription fee or who feed him insider political details that offset the $$).

Obama Sends Chocolates to Senator Richard Shelby



Actually, he hasn’t yet, but Obama should. The Obama team has not had a very good month. From GITMO to health care, to bickering behind the scenes about Paul Volcker’s bank regulation efforts, to China policy, and making any progress on any international initiatives, the administration’s “magic” has been collapsing.

Kenya’s Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka



In this short interview during his Washington visit, Kenya VP Kalonzo “Steven” Musyoka speaks impressively about his participation in the National Prayer Breakfast, about concerns on Kenya’s border in Somalia, about the limits of military responses in failing state situations, and about the views of Kenyans toward US President Barack Obama.

LIVE STREAM: What Does the Iranian Public Really Think?



The New America Foundation/Iran Initiative is hosting an event today to discuss what the Iranian public really thinks on key issues and the implications for US foreign policy. Since the Iranian elections last June, there has been no shortage of commentary surrounding Iranian public opinion, but comparatively little evidence-based analysis. WorldPublicOpinion.

LIVE STREAM: Terrorism and Humanitarian Crisis Along the Kenyan-Somali Border


NOTE; THE START OF THE EVENT HAS BEEN PUSHED TO 10:15 AM EST The New America Foundation/American Strategy Program is hosting an event today featuring the Kenyan Vice President Kalonzo Stephen Musyoka, as well as the Speaker of Kenya’s National Assembly Kenneth Otiato Marende and Kenya’s Minister of Cooperative Development and Marketing Joseph W.N. Nyagah….

America’s Unilateral Delusions Making Comeback?



(US President Barack Obama chairing a historic session of the United Nations Security Council on 24 September 2009) There is a giddiness that has taken hold in some foreign policy circles in Washington that the Obama administration is showing more courage all of a sudden and is finally breaking away from its courtship of China…