Kenya’s Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka


In this short interview during his Washington visit, Kenya VP Kalonzo “Steven” Musyoka speaks impressively about his participation in the National Prayer Breakfast, about concerns on Kenya’s border in Somalia, about the limits of military responses in failing state situations, and about the views of Kenyans toward US President Barack Obama.
This was one of my favorite chats I have done thus far for the New America Foundation and The Washington Note. If you want to watch more of Vice President Musyoka and Kenya National Assembly Speaker Otiato “Kenneth” Marende in a longer program held yesterday at the New America Foundation, follow this clip.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Kenya’s Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka

  1. Steven Clemons says:

    Hey Maw — greetings. I’ve missed you.
    The National Prayer Breakfast is one of those institutions in DC
    that just seems to give pols here a chance to make some stuff
    happen that they can’t make happen responsibly in their normal
    work. I give it a pass – because the prayer breakfast existed
    before the overly irritating blending of faith and state that really
    started with Bill Clinton, got turbo-charged under Bush, and is
    in hyper-drive (yes, afraid to say so but true) under Obama.
    The Prayer Breakfast is a political deal…yes, with prayers…but
    it’s certainly nothing like a standard faith based issues meeting
    sponsored by the White House nowadays.
    I didn’t know your comment got censored for language — but I
    have a tough, good couple of folks screening now and then to
    keep TWN slightly bright and cheery — except when i want to
    be dark.
    best, steve


  2. Maw of America says:

    Sorry, Steve. I get confused as to which blogs permit “colorful language” and which don’t.
    National Prayer Breakfast?
    How about a drum circle instead?


  3. samuelburke says:

    Onward Christian Soldiers, Again
    by Philip Giraldi, February 04, 2010
    “On Christmas Eve I reported about a group of “Christian
    leaders” who were calling on the US government to initiate
    harsh sanctions against Iran. Their lobbying contributed to an
    overwhelming House of Representatives vote (412-12) in
    support of the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act, which
    seeks to cut off Tehran’s importation of refined petroleum
    products, amounting to 40% of its energy needs, and bring the
    country’s economy to its knees. The supporters of the House
    resolution believe that pressuring Iran in that fashion will
    somehow convince its government to alter its nuclear energy
    the christian lobby has been indoctrinated by the
    neoconservatives…they are the biggest dupes on the american


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    Interestingly, a Prayer Breakfast could accelerate dialogue between Muslim and Christian leadership. In what ways would this help the situation we see in Kenya?


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