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My friend Tracy Russo was involved with launching this brand new Department of Justice website today — just before a hard-hitting winter snow storm shuts down a lot of DC this weekend.
The site emphasizes transparency and openness by explaining how to make Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and posting links to records management information, declassification, Congressional affairs, and the like. You can also “Share Your Ideas” about transparency.
share your ideas.jpgAt first glance, this looks like a good new resource.
However, I hope some of the fifty or so Guantanamo detainees who are being sentenced to further “indefinite detention” won’t be hidden off in some non-transparent box somewhere.
Come to think of it, for those of you who are so inclined, you might want to “share your ideas” about the detainee challenges, or other matters, on the website. Be polite and respectful — and link your proposals to “transparency and openness.”
Check it out.
This site seems could be useful in making some real progress in the right direction when it comes to knocking down some walls of what became under Bush/Cheney a very opaque national security state.
— Steve Clemons


19 comments on “Open Justice: Share Your Ideas

  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Check this out….
    “Collaboration: How should we collaborate with individuals, businesses, non-profits, other agencies, or state/local governments? What kinds of prizes/contests should we consider to attract others in working with us? What top problems should we tackle together?”
    Ya gotta love it, doncha???
    Are you friggin’ kidding me!!!???? This is the “Justice Department” coming up with this insane shit???
    Good Lord. I want Gonzales’ and Yoo’s “prize”, to be relegated to the ranks of those that are held above the law.


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Welcome to the OpenDOJ Off-topic Ideas Portal
    The goal of the Open Government Dialogs is to promote healthy conversation about increasing transparency, participation, collaboration and innovation. Ideas submitted to the site that do not directly relate to the Open Government Directive and distract from conversation, but do not clearly violate the Terms of Participation, will be moved to this portal. In order to maintain full transparency, this portal allows you to read the ideas that fall into this category; it does not, however, allow additional voting, commenting, or the submission of new ideas”
    What are these people afraid of? That the comments they deem “off topic” might garner more support and response than the comments that simply tell them what they want to hear?
    “New Transparency”, my ass. The website is little more than a propaganda tool. It wouldn’t suprise me in the least if Justice Department trolls will be providing the bulk of the “comments”. Nor will it suprise me if Olberman and Maddow follow Steve’s lead, and see if they can’t herd the sheep into this fluffy bit of shameless and insincere departmental marketing. The people involved in this should be ashamed of themselves.


  3. questions says:

    Best of luck with the 30″ snowfall to those who have to deal with it.


  4. erichwwk says:

    What I expected you to say. 😉 And right on target.


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’m already on their “blacklist” undoubtedly. Do you really think there is no one at the NAF that wouldn’t gleefully share my email address with the DOJ? That jackass Pinkerton comes immediately to mind, followed closely by Katcher. And if someone at NAF wasn’t willing, I bet that shrew Taylor Marsh would be more than eager.
    But at least, upon testing the waters at that dingleberry of a website, “Share Your Ideas”, I was able to demonstrate that it is EXACTLY what I opined it would be.


  6. erichwwk says:

    I’m surprised someone as normally astute as you bit at this “sting” operation,POA. Now you are on their blacklist.
    Did you really think DOJ gives a flying fuck what you or I think in terms of justice? Did you think someone that whitewashed the AT&T/NSA spying operation and blew off Mark Klein and Sibel Edmonds, won’t prosecute Heather Wilson, Pete Domenici, and the rest of the white collar political criminals is REALLY interested in Justice?
    BTW, did you know Brad Friedman’s “Brad Blog” entry on wikipedia makes no mention of Sibel Edmonds?
    What is your take on the cozy relationship between Google and NSA? Hope someone tracks what happens with the FOI request EPIC filed with NSA.


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    So, I check my email, and I find this….
    Topic/Idea: Return to the rule of law……
    This idea has graduated to the OpenDOJ Off Topic panel (Idea #10)
    Posted By : Site Administrator
    When I click on their link, I find this……
    Invalid Link
    The link you have clicked is invalid. There could be multiple reasons for this :
    Make sure you copy/paste the entire url
    The sender of the email message has cancelled his account


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Well, so much for that piece of shit fluff website.
    Last night I took Steve’s advice, and placed a civil and polite comment up on the “Share Your Ideas” page, and commented that I would prefer to see them actually uphold the law, instead of dispensing the law at the whim of the President, in the tradition of Gonzales. I pointed out that known perjuries before Congress have occurred, and asked why we are not seeing indictments.
    The comment was there last night, now it is gone. I just wish these assholes would for once be honest, and stop with the insincere feel good tactics that are pure unadulterated horseshit, along the lines of the pure unadulterated horseshit that last Administration fed us. Seeing the Justice administration, under Holder, put up a website like this is a friggin’ joke. They must think we are ALL idiots. If they meant to administer the law evenly and justly, as outlined in the Constitution, they would be doing so, without the need for these fluffy marketing campaigns aimed at idiots.
    Heres a comment I found there this morning….
    “This section is labeled “Public Feedback” and yet you have already relegated my first and only other post to some “off topic” dustbin that I cannot seem to find. Apparently, you are not actually interested in public feedback?”
    The “moderators” response was condescending doublespeak. Typical. If these jackasses don’t want our feedback, than why go to the expense of this fluffy dingleberry of a website?
    In addition, apparently the “Share your Ideas” website is NOT a governmental endeavor. If you are on the “Open Government at The Department of Justice” website, and you click on “Share Your Ideas”, you recieve this disclaimer….
    The United States Department of Justice
    You are now leaving a Department of Justice Web site
    You are about to access:
    The Department of Justice does not endorse the organizations or views represented by this site and takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over, the accuracy, accessibility, copyright or trademark compliance or legality of the material contained on this site.
    Thank you for visiting our site.
    Yet the moderator at the “Share Your Ideas” site labels himself as “Department of Justice Moderator”.
    Someone needs to comment here, and explain exactly WHO is moderating the site, and in what capacity.
    I wish our government, and their lackeys, would quit playing these silly games. Its horsehit like this that has robbed the American people of all trust in their government.


  9. Outraged American says:

    It’s one plane Nadine, and a few 100 on the ground. Given that
    someone was filming L’ affaire d’ Undie I doubt it was a real
    suicide mission because the video would have gone down with
    the plane. Or maybe it would be a magic video like the magic
    passport found in the rubble of the WTC.
    What a pathetic bunch of sniveling wimps Americans have
    become. We give up our Bill of Rights and expose our bodies to
    additional radiation and pervy TSA thugs on the oft chance, what
    would it be – certainly less than 1 million to one, that our plane
    might be targeted by “terrorists.”
    And now the executive branch of the US govt. can kill American
    citizens overseas “SUSPECTED” of being involved in terrorism.
    Habeas corpus, where art though? Next it will be SUSPECTED
    Americans in their living rooms.
    Does anyone remember the TIPS program from the early years of
    the Cheney Reich? It was proposed that people like gas and
    telephone company employees (i.e., well trained intelligence
    operatives) should be on the lookout for “suspicious” activities.
    I had to have the gas company over here for a “suspected” leak,
    which turned out to be nothing. And that’s good — at least the
    gas company gives us the benefit of the doubt, unlike the US
    govt. If the US govt. had been in charge they would have
    probably blown-up the entire block under the guise of
    protecting the neighborhood. Then blown-up the
    neighborhood to save the city.
    Anyway I was working on the news show at the time, so the gas
    co. men got a whole earful most probably on the follies of US
    foreign policy or Guantanamo or whatever was our topic for that
    day because my office is next to the kitchen.
    Now, I didn’t get turned in then by the gas guys for suspicious
    activities, despite also having all sorts of rubbish I collected
    during my travels. Really scary things, like statues of the
    Buddha, Krishna and Ganesh that would be easily identified as
    non-Islamic by the noted art historians deployed as repairmen
    for Southwest Gas.
    But under Obama’s “Justice” Department, the following is now
    the definition of terrorist. I’ll hand the mike over to “our”
    Director of National “Intelligence” Dennis Blair, who said this at a
    Senate hearing on Tuesday, purportedly talking about the
    “terrorist next door phenomenon”:
    ““The motivations for such individuals are complex and driven by
    a combination of personal circumstances and external factors.
    AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY, and ties to extremist Islamic groups
    Well, that’s a pretty specific definition of how to spot a “home
    grown terrorist” I mean, the capitalized parts pretty much sums
    up the majority of regulars at just about every political blog I
    read including this one. We are all terrorists now.
    And with that I have to go pick-up eye drops for my dog. Are
    eye drops explosive and under these new rules does having
    more than one ounce of them in a car constitute a terrorist
    I was going to get some bagels too. What about bagels? When
    they get hard enough they can be used as weapons. Or lox — I
    can let the lox spoil and then take it to the next PTA meeting
    thus bringing down an entire cafeteria full of yammering,
    “helicopter” parents.
    Homegrown terrorism a growing concern for US intelligence


  10. erichwwk says:

    So…. American people will be angry id some “undie” bomber takes down and kills 300-500 Americans, but they are indifferent as to needlessly killing 145,000 because of a bullshit medical system? Does it no longer matter what is spent to get a certain benefit?
    Too bad they didn’t listen to Osama long before 9/11, when other folks got rather angry at Americans needlessly killing over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of 5 and explain that that sort of behavior is apt to cause a response.
    So now we’ve spent over $3 Trillion dollars, to ensure our right to kill others as we see fit. As Clauzwitz has famously said, in the end it is hate and anger that drives war. Hate makes one mad, and madness is essentially insanity.
    What an obsessive macho bully attitude our leaders have assumed. !!!! What BULLSHIT!!!


  11. nadine says:

    Eric Holder’s fit of moral purity destroyed the CIA’s ability to interrogate terrorists, even when they fall into our hands by dumb luck, like the Undie Bomber did. If the next Undie Bomber manages to explode his Fruit of the Looms and take down the plane, it will take more than a pretty website to save Holder from the anger of the American people.
    He knows it too, that’s why he’s waffling and backpedaling.
    At the end of the day, he will try KSM by military tribunal at Gitmo, because all other options will be worse.


  12. ... says:

    kotz, you are the only IRREMEDIABLE fanatic that i know that also happens to hang on this message board as well… nadine is right up their too, but you already knew that!


  13. kotzabasis says:

    One can always count on Clemons and his consort nipple-fed intellectuals to misplace their soft heart to the side of the detainees at the expense of the innocent killed by these IRREMEDIABLE religious fanatics. This is the main reason that despite Clemons’ great and fervent desire to be a policy architect in geopolitical affairs will always be frustrated by the dictum of political NECESSITY that moves without the bits of one’s ‘humanitarian’ heart. Misplaced humanitarians have always the disposition to sacrifice life on the altar of their sanctimonious divinely unchanged norms.


  14. DonS says:

    Well, I’m pretty convinced that the US of A is headed to hell in a hand basket — at least the USA as we have known it. It feels very much like we are in a major transition that cannot help but permanently alter the nation.
    Still, along with the nefarious and cowardly political landscape that I see, I can recognize an occasional good thing happening. And if this website indeed demystifies and makes more accessible information under the FOIA, that’s good. So much can be learned about the inner working of the establishment by exploring and exposing it . . . given enough time to wade through a lot of material. And unless the whole classification system get’s skewed to bury the bone deeper. Anyway, I’ll give the site a look.
    At DOJ in general, there are enough career lawyers still there having survived the draconian Bush regimes, that if the administration is so inclined, much democracy-destroying actions can be uncovered and addressed. Same can be said of just about any of the government departments and administrations. The career types know where the bodies are buried. And I expect the extent to which this may happen will vary by agency . . . and political sensitivity. That wont go away.


  15. ... says:

    ditto poa… legalized murder is what the usa has come to stand for, with no due process… meanwhile it seems to always get worse, instead of better no matter who the leadership.. as i have said before, their is an absence of political leadership with courage… they all seem to be sycophants wanting to be elected and nothing much more…


  16. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “This site seems could be useful in making some real progress in the right direction when it comes to knocking down some walls of what became under Bush/Cheney a very opaque national security state”
    And it just continues under Obama. Is there anyone here that doesn’t believe known crimes are being ignored by Holder? Known perjuries before Congress, at the very least, have occurred.
    I will look at the site, but I am not optimistic that it is anthing other than typical insincere posturing on the part of this Administration. If they really intended to uphold the LAW, than they would be doing so. I imagine this is just a marketing campaign to silence the more uninformed among us, and convince them that Holder is something other than Obama’s personal lackey.
    Me? I’m not buying it. Stop with the bullshit feel-good websites and start enforcing the law. Thats what you were put in office to do, so, damnit, just do it.


  17. Steve Clemons says:

    Thanks very much for your comprehensive and compelling note.
    Obviously, I agree with you. With explicit, defined policies that
    have now extended to kill orders for American citizens — as
    opposed to capture and bring to justice — I fear we are still
    moving in a wobbly direction that sacrifices our norms. But when I
    see something like the DoJ website and the opportunity to weigh
    in on these sorts of issues — I feel that the future is not set.
    all best, steve clemons


  18. Sam Caldwell says:

    While I would never envy any person who has inherited the problems left by the last administration and respect that REAL solutions take time, I would strongly encourage our federal government to act responsibly and close the prison at Guantanamo. I am confident that our prison systems and courts are competent and capable of dispensing justice in these cases. We cannot sustain any form of indefinite imprisonment or the denial of human rights and concurrently condemn other countries for similar abuses.
    It is both shameful and humiliating that in the past fifteen or sixteen years, my nation’s political leadership in all parties has abandoned the principles of due process, equal protection, speedy trials, anti-retroactivity and limited government. Both parties have endorsed elected officials who have contributed to, allowed, sanctioned and authorized actions for which we have in the past pursued and deposed foriegn leaders. I can no longer claim I am a citizen of the greatest country on Earth when my nation engages in behaviors such as those which ended with Guantanamo Bay.
    While I am certain there are those who would say that if I disagree with my nation’s practices at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere with respect to torture, indefinite detention or unlimited government, I should leave. This response has always been the traditional American reply to criticism of the government. However, I was raised to believe in a free and just republican democracy and a federation of the several states, united under liberty. To any person who disagrees with the above statements, who endorses torture under the disguise of ‘interrogation’ I would first ask if they truly or personally understand the concept of practices such as waterboarding, second I would ask what makes this nation different from Iran, China, Libya or any other nation that considers such to be ‘standard procedure?’
    Please close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and return my country to its principles.


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