The Four Iran Scenarios and “Basiji Hunting”



One of my colleagues at the New America Foundation’s Global Strategic Finance Initiative, Douglas Rediker, received this note from a friend abroad. It’s illuminating as to how a well-connected Iranian internationalist who has been in Tehran during much of the post-election unrest sees matters now.

More Dispatches from Tehran: An Anonymous Student Reports



Dispatches from Tehran — The Metro Ride — sent 11:27 am, 19 June 2009 The crowd pushes in. I think of those scenes from Tokyo of the metro officers, the ones with the white gloves squeezing and packing with all their might. We are all arms, legs, elbows.

TWN Guest Blogger “Shane M” in New York Times: Old Polls are Like Week Old Stale Bagels



For the last several days, I have been running “dispatches” from an anonymous student in Tehran. Through The Washington Note, he has developed an enormous audience interested in his on-site, real time observations of the post-election convulsions in Iran.

Tehran Dispatcher OK: Will Have Op-Ed in Tomorrow’s New York Times



For about a day, I have been quite worried about the “Anonymous Student in Tehran” who was sending important dispatches to us of what he was seeing convulsively unfold in Iran. He had been quiet all day. But we’ve just had a set of exchanges, and he’s OK.