Can All of This Be Stuffed Back?


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Can all of these people, their emotions, their cries of “death to the dictator!” be stuffed back deep into Iran’s political status quo?
Some powerful images at the art and culture site, Tehran Avenue.
Thanks to Mark LeVine who has been writing about Iran’s musicians and artists — and what they have to say about Iran’s current political standoff.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. JohnH says:

    Samuelburke–keep up the good work. Western media has clearly taken Mousavi’s side in the battle of Iranian elites. We are being fed a constant stream of selective information designed to play on our sympathies. Highlighting the plight of the protesters is designed to make us angry at the injustice or bring tears to our eyes. Of course, you have to marvel at their recently discovered, deep concern for the protesters, since they never before expressed any concern for ordinary Iranians whatsoever. And most likely that newfound concern will disappear as soon as Rafsanjani/Mousavi retake the oil ministry and open the Iranian economy to US multinationals.
    Featuring democracy starved protesters is an extremely effective tool to for enlisting world public opinion is enlisted on the side of regime change. Now, instead of demonizing the Iranian regime, they are glorifying the protesters. It’s the flip side of the same propaganda coin.
    If they really cared about the Iranian people, they would provide a clear analysis of why electing the surrogate of Iran’s richest man, Rafsanjani, would serve to benefit the people of Iran and not simply enrich Rafsanjani even further.


  2. samuelburke says:

    justin raimondo over at
    The usual suspects are raising cain over the Iranian events: George Packer, who aptly describes himself as “a suspected neocon fellow-traveler,” wants a full-throated expression of support for the “Green Revolution” from the White House, and argues (convincingly) that Obama, in spite of his abjuration against “meddling,” has done everything but: his intellectual soul-brother, Andrew Sullivan — another supposedly “reformed” neocon, who has since recanted his role in cheerleading the Iraq war — has issued a foot-stamping encyclical demanding: “No Recognition of Ahmadinejad: This is the first and absolute requirement of all Western governments.” One wonders what the second — and undoubtedly just as “absolute” — requirement is going to be: new and harsher economic sanctions? It’s just a coincidence that this non-recognition ploy would torpedo the much-vaunted prospect of negotiating with Tehran over the outstanding issues that separate Washington and Tehran: after all, we can’t negotiate with a government we don’t recognize.
    Sullivan doesn’t want us to recognize — and, presumably, meet with — the Ahmadinejad faction if they come out on top, but of course it’s perfectly fine for our Secretary of State to meet with Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of what even the most pro-Israel among the nation’s magazine editors — Marty Peretz — calls a “neo-fascist” party. That Lieberman is also the foreign minister of Israel should certainly not make a lot of difference to the Andrew Sullivans of this world, unless their moral outrage comes attached to a particular agenda.


  3. samuelburke says:

    just like the color revolutions the iranian situation needs to be examined a bit closer to see whats under the hood.
    Who Put the ‘green’ in the Green Revolution?
    Posted by Daniel McAdams on June 19, 2009 05:35 AM | Post a civil, substantive, and intelligent comment
    The United States, of course.
    As in the previous “color revolutions” that seem to tirelessly capture the romantic imagination of US journalists, elites, and the propagandized population, the warm embrace of the US empire is firmly guiding the “spontaneous” Iranian uprising against last week’s election results. While I do not and should not– nor should any other American — care in the slightest who rules a country some seven thousand miles away, when the fingerprints of the US empire show up on these dramatic events overseas it is very much my business.
    Several commentators have already dredged from the memory hole press reporting at the time on a presidential “finding” on Iran, which is the formal method for the president to initiate covert actions against another country. Back in 2007 — plenty of lead time for this election — the president met with the Congressional Star Chamber, the “gang of 8″ House and Senate leaders, and was granted the authorization to use some $400 million for among other things, as the Washington Post reported, “activities ranging from spying on Iran’s nuclear program to supporting rebel groups opposed to the country’s ruling clerics….”
    Arch neo-conservative Kenneth Timmerman spilled the beans on activities of the other arm of US meddling overseas, the obscenely mis-named National Endowment for Democracy, in a piece written one day before the election, stating curiously that “there’s the talk of a ‘green revolution’ in Tehran.” Interesting. I wonder where that “talk” was coming from. Timmerman did not appear to be writing from Iran.
    Timmerman went on to write, with admirable candor and honesty, that:
    “The National Endowment for Democracy has spent millions of dollars during the past decade promoting ‘color’ revolutions in places such as Ukraine and Serbia, training political workers in modern communications and organizational techniques.
    “Some of that money appears to have made it into the hands of pro-Mousavi groups, who have ties to non-governmental organizations outside Iran that the National Endowment for Democracy funds.”
    Yes, you say, but what does a blow-hard propagandist like Timmerman know about such things? Well, he should know! His very spooky Foundation for Democracy in Iran has its own snout deep in the trough of NED’s “open covert actions” against the Iranian government.
    How does the “Foundation for Democracy in Iran” seek to “promote democracy” in Iran with our tax dollars? Foundation co-founder Joshua Muravchik gives us a hint in his subtly-titled LA Times piece, “Bomb Iran.”
    Frankly, what I find more disturbing than the fact that the US government continues meddling in this new magical era of Obama is how many in the United States continue to be taken in by these events color-coordinated from afar. Pundits have turned their websites green in “solidarity” with this “green revolution.” Self-described “libertarians” have thrown all critical thinking aside to embrace their inner green. As if hoping, somehow, that this time it will all be true. That the “people power” really is on the march. That it is a binary world where there are evil incumbents — the old guard — oppressing thrusting “reformers” who are Twittering away toward the bright tomorrow of a world where everyone wants to be just like us! Democracy!
    At times like these, I turn to the great Matt Taibbi, who has written the best piece of all time on how the US has morphed into the USSR:
    “Modern observers look back at the early Soviet days and wonder how it is that people could possibly have believed those fantastic tales they read about in the state papers–the lurid descriptions of fascist terrorists and wreckers who conspired to poison reservoirs and turn up rails and put broken glass in sausage in the most faraway, seemingly irrelevant places in Siberia and the far north. The answer probably is that they wanted to believe them. Because that was what was in their hearts. It wasn’t a lie that was being put over on them. It came from them.”


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