Top Thinkers on the Global Economy: Your Daily Briefing



My New America Foundation colleague Daniel Mandel spends the wee hours of the morning every work day assembling an often amazing, comprehensive roster of some of the best articles on the American economy. I have his permission to forward this daily email to those who would like to have it.

Christina Romer’s Statement on Economic Contraction



Below is a statement from Christina D. Romer, Chair, Council of Economic Advisors on the Fourth Quarter 2008 Advance GDP Estimate: Real GDP fell at an annual rate of 3.8% in the fourth quarter of 2008. This was the largest one-quarter fall since 1982 and the second consecutive quarter of real GDP decline.

Watch for US Special Forces Action Against Somali Pirates



In the period between President Obama’s November 2008 victory at the polls and his taking office on January 20, 2009, members of Obama’s transition team began talking to military planners about various options that might be available for dealing with Somali pirates. In my estimation, this is smart planning by the Obama team.