No Team of Rivals on Economics: Bob Rubin Acolytes and Goldman Sachs Alums Dominate Obama Team and Have Blocked Alternative Views from Entering White House Ranks



No Team of Rivals on the economics side. The deep ideological divide that is emerging in the economics profession between those who worried about manic neoliberalism and Bob Rubin-style turbo-charged tilts towards an increasing unregulated finance industry is not hitting the Obama administration – because it is only hiring one side of that divide.

The Shame of Guantanamo



The Editorial Board of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published an familiar attack on the military and political authorities that kept Guantanamo buffered from normal American legal processes. In a piece, titled “Guantanamo justice, evidence appalling“, the Jay Bookman on behalf of the editors writes: Army Lt. Col.

Madeleine Albright’s International Migraines



Interesting exchange with Madeleine Albright on US foreign policy over at National Journal: NJ: What do you foresee as Obama’s biggest foreign policy challenge? Albright: Well, it’s hard, I have to tell you, because there are some very, very serious issues out there, and I sometimes say it’s kind of like, “what’s the worst place…

SarahPac: The Palin Campaign for 2012 Gets Going



It’s here. SarahPac! Principles Sarah Palin believes in. . . . . .reform and innovation . . .America’s best days are ahead . . .the fight for freedom . . .integrity, innovation, and determination . . .energy independence . . .Health care, education, and reform of government Sounds a lot like Barack Obama.

Al-Arabiya’s Game Changing Interview with Barack Obama: A New Punctuation Point in US Foreign Policy



MEDIA ALERT: Tonight at about 8:15 pm EST, I will be discussing the Obama interview with Al Arabiya on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Hisham Melhem, Washington Bureau Chief for Al Arabiya, was trying to chase down an interview with former U.S. Senator and new presidential envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell.