Bob Zoellick’s Hundredth Day



It’s tough being a Republican multilateralist, but in my view, World Bank President Robert Zoellick is pulling it off. Bob Davis at the Wall Street Journal seems to agree. Today, is Zoellick’s 100th day since succeeding his embattled predecessor and now AEI Visiting Scholar Paul Wolfowitz.

Five Senators and a Blogger



(Senator Gary Hart and Steve Clemons at Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley‘s official residence in Annapolis) During October and November, Washington College’s C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience will host five former and current U.S. Senators in a series called “A Bipartisan Conversation on Politics and History.

Scowcroft, Brzezinski, Hamilton, Kassebaum Baker, Hills & Others Call for Syria and Hamas to Be Engaged in Israel-Palestine Effort



Later today (Wednesday), an interesting letter that I will post at 2 pm will be sent to President Bush outlining key requirements necessary to secure any real success in the November Israel-Palestine Peace Summit that President Bush and Condoleezza Rice will orchestrate in Annapolis.

Why Dissing China Ought Not to Become An American Sport



James Fallows crossed swords with Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt earlier this week in a short essay charghing Hiatt and his co-editors with recklessness in their reporting both about China recently and about Iraq before the invasion.

A Breakthrough in the Netroots (aka “The Grunge Blogosphere”)



Matt Stoller, one of the most significant emerging leaders of the new political left in this country, has just written a fascinating essay that I think is a real breakthrough in his thinking and hopefully in the strategic thinking of the netroots crowd in general. Stoller’s piece is smart Trotsky.