Jimmy Carter and Bush Admin National Intelligence Council Chairman Robert Hutchings: Converging Views on Cuba



While I think that post-Fidel Cuba is going to look a lot like Fidel’s Cuba unless the US opens the spigots to travel and trade, Jimmy Carter‘s perspective on US-Cuba relations is useful to read. He thinks that we have undermined any chance of organic democratic movements taking hold inside Cuba.

Who Will Own the Climate Change Franchise? The Clintons or Al Gore?



I really did mean every word in my tribute earlier today to former Vice President Al Gore. Emails from campaigns, Senate and House press operations, the White House, NGOs, and even some in corporate America have been streaming into my email box congratulating him. I can’t imagine what Gore’s own email inbox looks like.

US-Turkey Relations: Confronting Security Challenges and Historical Memory



With Scott Paul, Steve Clemons, and Mindy Kotler already weighing in, I’d like to add my two cents into the mix on this latest Armenian genocide resolution — first, to reference the extent of our strategic interdependency so we do not take Turkey’s backlash lightly; and second, to offer some perspective on confronting a nation…

<em>Guest Post by Mindy Kotler</em>: Failing to Comfort



(Los Desatres de la Guerra by Francisco Goya , 1810) Mindy L. Kotler is director of Asia Policy Point, a nonprofit research center providing objective information and scholarship on Northeast Asia to the American policy community. Steve Clemons is right that comparing the U.S.

<em>In the Best Interests of the United States</em>: Lawrence Wilkerson Speaks on US-Cuba Relations



Silvia Wilheim of La Noche Se Mueve, 1210 AM in Miami, scored an interesting radio interview with former State Department Chief of Staff and Pamela Harriman Visiting Scholar at the College of William & Mary Lawrence B. Wilkerson.