No End in Sight


That’s what former top US Commander in Iraq Ricardo Sanchez calls our current situation there.
It’s also the name of a must see, Sundance Special Grand Jury Prize winning movie. No End in Sight was produced by internet guru and concerned American citizen Charles Ferguson.
New America’s own Nir Rosen shot much of the Baghdad footage in the film — and people like Paul Hughes who used to be in the Coalitional Provisional Authority, Walter Slocombe who was a Senior Adviser to the the operation, Lawrence Wilkerson, Jay Garner, Richard Armitage and others paint a picture of what went on in the early days of our Iraq stewardship that make Sanchez’s comments rather old hat.
But still — the trend continues to disturb. Ferguson is now writing a book that tracks some of the film but has secured a great deal more information about Bush’s role (or non-role) in the management decisions on Iraq.
— Steve Clemons


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