Frustration on the Administration’s “Third Option” Team



(Senator Chuck Hagel, Steve Clemons, and International Peace Academy Chair Rita Hauser) Yesterday evening, I helped organize a private salon dinner with Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE). I’ll be posting more on the event later today — along with some other interesting news.

Inhofe: Retrofitting Unilateralism



The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes tomorrow on the Law of the Sea. The Committee is likely to approve the treaty, as it should. Frank Gaffney publishes a weekly column in the Washington Times. For the last three months or so, his column has targeted the Law of the Sea week in, week out.

Shame on Them: Republicans and Top Dems Missing at Arab American Leadership Summit



(But for how much longer?) I have to give credit to Senator John Sununu. He showed up at the Arab American Institute’s National Leadership Conference in Dearborn, Michigan this weekend and openly talked about his search for his Palestinian grandfather’s home in old Jerusalem.

The Human Face of Climate Change



(Huene Island, pictured above, part of the Carteret Island chain, has literally been cut in two by rising sea levels) Papua New Guinea’s Mission to the United Nations recently announced that it would evacuate the Carteret Islands, a horseshoe-shaped group of islands in the South Pacific.

Bhutto and Musharraf, Feuding Again



Frankly there’s not a whole lot new here to comment on — they’re feuding over the recent bombings, IAEA inspectors, terrorism, and democracy. Expect plenty more through January. But I did want to highlight some fantastic acrylic paintings created by my friend over at Chapati Mystery.