Tonight: Clemons on Air America; Wilkerson on Colbert Report


Steve Clemons will be on the Rachel Maddow Show this evening discussing Karen Hughes’s departure from the State Department. You can listen to it live here at 6:30 pm EST.
Also, for those ocularcentric types who have moved on to television as the news medium of choice, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (Ret.) will be on the Colbert Report tonight at 11:30pm EST. Lately, Col. Wilkerson has been quite critical of US-Cuba policy and has not held back on his assessments. And after the administration’s Cuba policy speech last week, I’d look out for some zingers on tonight’s show.
–Sameer Lalwani


3 comments on “Tonight: Clemons on Air America; Wilkerson on Colbert Report

  1. samuel burke says:

    Mr Clemons, the cuban lobby is a piddly entity that is as old and powerless as its aging cuban community, why not pursue the israeli lobby that is causing your great nation such harm in so many fronts?
    is it more difficult for you and the col to stand up to aipac than it is to stand up to the aging and decrepit cuban lobby?
    is there the same fear among your associates as there seems to be in academia and the media when it comes to calling out aipac and its egregious behaviour on the shores of this great nation?
    The aipac trial featuring Larry Franklin, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman ought to elicit at least some indignation among great american heroes, i would have figured that by now your blog would have been beating on the tom toms so americans can get acquainted with the most conspicuously missing story in the american media.
    instead of pursuing a lobby that is a ghost of what it once was and does little to no harm to the united states…the cuban lobby harms the cuban people way more than it does anything to do with the united states. why not set your sights on aipac and the many tentacles within the lobby that have our congressmen and women in thrall to their wishes and will.
    im confused and curious as to why ?


  2. jon says:

    While well meaning, did Hughes actually accomplish anything? Communicating with Arab nations is important, but I haven’t seen her work having any positive effect. Mostly public relations trying to paper over the lack of diplomacy and actual acts that might improve relations


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