Bhutto and Musharraf, Feuding Again


bhutto acrylic.jpg
Frankly there’s not a whole lot new here to comment on — they’re feuding over the recent bombings, IAEA inspectors, terrorism, and democracy. Expect plenty more through January. But I did want to highlight some fantastic acrylic paintings created by my friend over at Chapati Mystery.

musharraf - acrylic.jpg

The latest are a batch of Musharraf and Bhutto acrylics that tell a set of stories — some familiar, some relatively unknown (who would have guessed the General cherished his Pekingese dogs so).
An old roommate of mine had an Andy Warhol painting of Mao in his room that really offended a defense policy researcher from AEI, who was over for a dinner party and simply could not embrace the irony.
For those who can appreciate “the search” in the art, definitely take a look at some of the other paintings which can be found here (“To Us” is also quite priceless) or at the blog Chapati Mystery.
–Sameer Lalwani


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