The View From My Window


Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish has a neat feature on his blog where he features photos taken by his readers and sent to him. He selects his favorite and titles it “The View From Your Window.”
Well, the above is the view from my window (taken on my cell phone camera) here at the “Bearister’s Den” in Bigfork, Montana.
That’s the Swan River.
I’m here for the marriage of Tara Allen and Peter Hoveland. Not to expose too much into their personal details, but I just met Peter’s biological father, Maurice Zeck, who teaches culinary arts at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.
Peter did not have any memory or real contact with his interesting father until two years ago. But their mannerisms, way of speaking, posturing, and just being are uncannily similar — nearly identical. And both are great chefs.
If I were into the genetics vs. environment debate, I’d be profiling these two.
— Steve Clemons


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