The View From My Window


chester river steve clemons geese.jpg
The canada geese are back in town, and here’s a few of them just off my back porch in Chestertown, Maryland.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “The View From My Window

  1. Jim Ramsey says:

    E-mail works just fine.
    I like to change desktop backgrounds periodically.
    Right now I’ve got an old favorite. A 1938 Jaguar SS-100 in British racing green.


  2. Steve Clemons says:

    Jim — I will try to snap another high def picture soon and post that and make it as nice as this one. I took this with my Iphone and not sure it translates so well…Happy to forward you the pic by email though and you can see if it works. Just zap me a note at
    best, steve clemons


  3. Jim Ramsey says:

    Lovely picture.
    It’s an obvious pick for a desktop background.
    Do you have a higher definition version?


  4. Steve Clemons says:

    Great link Beth — good to see this kind of thing happening in
    Philadelphia. Someone sent me Obama’s recent Philadelphia
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Progress Plaza
    8:15 am (EDT)
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Mayfair Diner
    9:30 am (EDT)
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Vernon Park
    11:15 am (EDT)
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Intersection of South 52nd Street and Locust Street,
    1:10 pm (EDT)
    He’s clearly working hard — as are a ton of his supporters.
    This is all good.
    best, steve


  5. Beth in VA says:

    Darn, html didn’t work in the post above. Here’s the link in it’s awkward url format:


  6. Beth in VA says:

    Beautiful photo of the bay (or river), and it’s a glorious day today. Enjoy, Steve.
    I wanted to highlight an article about a Philly Obama rally to counter Steve’s take that these were too much a victory rally. It highlights that Obama has pretty much ignored the inner city areas, and how much it means to these folks to have the campaign spend time there too. A different take on it.


  7. susan says:

    our geese never leave. they have it pretty cush. unfortunately they
    have become rather a nuisance, with flocks large enough to stop
    traffic on busy roads-30 or 40 of ’em at a time, and they go
    NOWHERE fast. also, they produce about 1 lb. of excrement apiece,
    day in and day out. that makes the lawn not such a nice place for a


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