Bob Zoellick’s Global Listening Tour: US Government Would Not Help on Plane



This afternoon, World Bank President nominee Robert Zoellick departed on a grueling two-week long “global listening tour” to check in with key stakeholders and clients of the Bank. Zoellick is hitting Africa first — before Europe. The first trip defines much of the mission. He is going to Ghana, which chairs the Africa Union now….

Richardson Voted For (and Against) “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”



In my debate commentary below, I could not recall a vote in the Senate or House regarding Bill Clinton’s policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I doubted there had been one since I thought that the measure had been enacted through Executive Order.

CNN: Dems Debate Some More



I’m not traveling so am going to watch and report on the Democratic presidential debate tonight. I’m not expecting a lot. The frontrunners are still a bit too much “Bush-lite” for me. For more, see this essay by Financial Times Washington Bureau Chief Edward Luce on “timidity” in Democratic presidential ranks.

Reverberations. . .



TWN has been making a few waves here and there this week. Let me share four items that may interest some: 1. Helene Cooper in the New York Times today confirms the general picture of a piece I wrote last week that reported frustrations with Bush’s policy course on Iran by Cheney and his team….

National Intelligence Council Vice Chairman David Gordon to be Condi’s Next Policy Planning Director



The first Director of Policy Planning at the State Department was George Kennan. The 25th will be National Intelligence Council Vice Chairman David Gordon. The formal announcement is likely to be made in the next two weeks. David Gordon is an outstanding choice for this key position in America’ foreign policy establishment.