ONE Launches Election Campaign



This morning I dropped by the launch of ONE Vote 08, a campaign to raise the profile of global poverty and health in the presidential elections. The ONE Campaign has done a remarkable job raising the profile of these issues generally over the past few years, and in a bipartisan way.

Mehlman to Join Holocaust Memorial Council



President Bush just appointed former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman to serve a five-year term on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Mehlman wins a few points in my book for trying to expand the reach of the Republican Party and perform genuine outreach to minority communities.

Turks and Kurds: What Happens When Both are US Allies?



I’ve just spent a morning meeting the dynamic and extremely impressive Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom — followed by a talk I gave (but can’t report on) in the most famous lion’s den of movement conservatives about the positives and negatives of President Bush’s foreign policy efforts.

Put James Wolfensohn Back to Work



One of the things that few people know about James Wolfensohn is that when he served as Special Emissary of the Quartet in Palestine/Israel matters, Wolfensohn put his own private money on the table to help fund infrastructure and to help Palestinian businesses ship strawberries to Europe.