Cheney Plays Julius Caesar and Like Then Must be Stopped (Legally)



I have been arguing for years that Vice President Cheney had done more than any other single person in the government — including the President of the United States — to plant acolytes and followers of his throughout the national security bureaucracy.

Launch of Center for a New American Security



I’m attending the launch conference today for the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) that is headed by two former CSIS senior staffers, Kurt Campbell and Michele Flournoy. The conference has pulled together a real who’s who of the Democratic national security establishment into this invite only confab at the Willard Hotel.

Health Care and Human Rights: Michael Moore Compares What Cuba and America Now Export



Michael Moore is making quite a splash in Washington with his new film, Sicko. I have yet to see the film, but I think that one of the key takeaways from the documentary on the sorry state of American health care is that in Cuba, comprehensive quality health care is considered a human right.