Save Chad!



My significant other is a teacher and is not involved in policy work. As a concerned citizen, she bought a Save Darfur t-shirt and wears it occasionally. One night last month, she wore her shirt out to a gathering of my friends, most of whom work in political and environmental nonprofits and businesses.

The 1.2% Problem



If one wants to make the comparison even more striking, current spending on all “international programs” – that is, all U.S. non-military engagement with the world, accounts for 1.2% of the federal budget. That includes humanitarian relief, diplomacy, international organization funding, poverty and disease programs, U.N. peacekeeping, and a number of other critical international initiatives….

John Bolton Won’t Settle for Less than War with Iran



John Bolton has another zinger oped today in the Financial Times offering withering criticism of Tony Blair and the British government for actions in the recent soldier detention case that Bolton argues only embolden Iran’s hard-liners. Ambassador Bolton is brimming lately with hard criticism of the Brits, the Europeans, and even the American government.

What Will the Blowback from Iraq Look Like in the Decades to Come?



To a certain degree, the realities in Iran today were shaped by America’s misguided, interventionist regime change success there in helping to overthrow Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 and installing Shah Reza Pahlavi.