What’s up with Andrew Young’s Groveling for Wolfowitz?



Out of the blue in the Washington Post today, former US Ambassador to the UN and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young decries America’s “excessive Puritanism” and makes a plea to give the beleaguered World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz just one more chance.

Wolfowitz’s Words: Worth Taking Seriously



Paul Wolfowitz, Remarks to the Business for Social Responsibility Conference Washington DC, November 4, 2005 But punishing corruptors isn’t the only solution. In fact, it probably isn’t the best solution. The best solution is in fact improved transparency, improved accountability, so that corruptors know ahead of time that they can’t hide.

Obama’s 2115 Words on Latin America



(Obama to Hillary: So you really, really think TV Marti is worth $200 million?!) Sarah Stephens nudged Barack Obama the other day in a TWN guest blog post on the 13 scant words he offered on Latin America in his recent foreign policy manifesto (that the Washington Post applauded this morning.

The World Bank’s Floundering CEO



The World Bank does matter. If the world is ever going to turn the “developing nation challenge” around, the Bank has been and will continue to be a vital part of that process. But the place is coming unglued over the Wolfowitz-Riza scandal and the staff have become profoundly distracted by lapses by their leader….

Some Other Views of the Democratic Presidential Debate



Here are three views of the first Democratic Presidential Debate held in South Carolina — one by someone who watched it carefully on television, one who was on the floor of the debate and a guest of one of the contenders, and one from someone who did not watch the debate live but watched the…