What’s up with Andrew Young’s Groveling for Wolfowitz?


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Out of the blue in the Washington Post today, former US Ambassador to the UN and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young decries America’s “excessive Puritanism” and makes a plea to give the beleaguered World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz just one more chance.
One can almost imagine Young on the verge of breaking into tears as he grovels for one of the master architects of the Iraq War.
Andrew Young has done many distinguished things in his life, and I don’t want to take anything from him on those fronts. But seriously, Ambassador Young has some chutzpah to counsel the rest of America on what lines should and should not be crossed — and what should be forgiven and not in our public leaders.
One reader remarked to me this morning that “Andrew Young never saw a well-financed cause he did not love.”
Remember Andrew Young’s perceived conflicts of interest with Wal-Mart? and Nike?
Young’s appeal on behalf of Paul Wolfowitz — who not only worked out automatic “outstanding” job evaluations, automatic raises, and a huge pay increase for his girlfriend Shaha Riza but elevated two politicos, Kevin Kellems and Robin Cleveland, to senior positions completely beyond their technical competence — may be more of an appeal for himself.
Young may be scrapping for another chance for himself as well as Wolfowitz. I’ll stay silent on Andrew Young’s ledger of liabilities as opposed to assets — but Wolfowitz’s “next chance” should be outside of the Bank and should be dedicated to making some effort to reverse — in the private sector — the incredible havoc he has brought on the world.
— Steve Clemons


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