U.S. Role in the World? Flash Animators and Global Publics Agree



Congress and the Bush administration, take note: the American public and the international community both want the U.S. to play a different role in the world. It’s not new, but it’s certainly notable. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and WorldPublicOpinion.org released their latest poll today. In nearly every country polled, including the U.S.

U.S. Takes Embarrassing Climate Policy Center Stage



I’m copying below the full statement of Acting Ambassador Alejandro Wolff to the Security Council on climate change as a security risk. The foundational elements of Wolff’s statement are not new, but their inanity never ceases to make my jaw drop. They are usually repeated loyally by Harlan Watson, the chief U.S.

World Affairs Council and Woolsey Team Up in an Assault on Climate Science



I’ve been away from the blog recently working on a number of things, some of them related to U.S. energy and climate policy. Lots to report. A colleague of mine thought it’d be worth sharing what James Woolsey is up to, and I agree.

US-Cuba Day Today



(Steve Clemons rushing a last blog post a month ago on Senator Chuck Hagel’s “non-campaign campaign” before jumping on a flight from Miami to Havana) Folks, I have been chasing down some more important material on Paul Wolfowitz’s past. It will be up later today I hope, tomorrow morning at the latest.

The BBC and Andrew Sullivan Expose John Bolton’s Troubling Views on America’s Iraq Escapade



Andrew Sullivan has highlighted a fascinating, yet troubling, YouTube capture of a BBC interview with John Bolton on the recess-appointed Ambassador’s views of the Iraq War and its aftermath. As Sullivan writes: The BBC’s interviewers are not as deferent as some in America. Paxman is among the most aggressive.

America Spent $35 million on <em>Foundation for the Future</em> Where Wolfowitz Lover Worked — but State Department Does Not Know Where the Office is Located



Beyond the question of what Shaha Riza’s compensation was and how she got it — is what she has been doing and for whom. She was reportedly seconded to the multi-nationally supported “Foundation for the Future,” which was really a part of America’s public diplomacy game plan.