Idaho & Utah Stand Strong in Support for Weakened Bush Presidency



This is an interesting geographic depiction of George W. Bush’s favorability levels. It’s not all that surprising that Bush’s popularity is worst in “blue states” and markedly better in the south and midwest. However, if the election in November 2004 had been held tomorrow, George W. Bush could not win with a map like this….

Institutional Suicide at Brookings: Carlos Pasqual Selected by Strobe Talbott to Succeed Jim Steinberg as Brookings Foreign Policy Czar



I just wrote this piece for TPM Cafe and invite any debate about what I’m suggesting. I have recently received some friendly criticism for focusing on things that are “too inside DC.” I think my writing and commentary are pretty diverse — but I’ll think about broadening the subject matter in coming months.

Who is Lying About Iraq WMD Intel?



President Bush and Vice President Cheney have been failing in their efforts to “set the record straight“, as their press team calls it, on the subject of Iraq-related WMD intelligence access before the invasion. I am rushing off to a meeting tonight, and the material I’d like to comment on is piling up.