Religion, Wars, and the IRS: Pro-War Sermons Get Tax Privilege; Anti-War Sermons Not



If the former Rector George F. Regas of All Souls Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California had given a sermon that was both pro-war and pro-Bush, would the IRS then have written a letter threatening the church’s IRS exemption? This is outrageious news.

Watching CNN Now? <em>TWN</em> Gets Some Air Time



If folks see this in the next couple of minutes, I will be discussing the struggle over the “national political conversation” between the White House and leading Dems on CNN’s “On the Story” with Jacki Schechner in about two minutes. It’s a short clip but pretty good I think.

Karl Rove in the Dog House: McClellan Fails to Affirm Bush’s “Full Faith” in Rove



During a recent major terrorism conference I organized, I hired a well-connected Republican consultant to help me fill out administration participation in the meeting. Considering that we were meeting amidst the Katrina disaster, my consultant did fairly well.