RULE 21 CLOSED DOOR SENATE SESSION: Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s Stock Moves Strongly Up



Senator Harry Reid, in a motion seconded by Senator Richard Durbin, just called for a very rare closed door executive session of the Senate. This motion is called “Rule 21” so that Senators can discuss “secret matters.” I’m impressed.

Alito Would Be 11th Catholic Appointed to Supreme Court: When Might We See a Muslim Supreme Court Justice?



I found this short article interesting. My friend and former colleague Gordon Silverstein has noted that Samuel Alito would be the 11th Roman Catholic ever appointed to the Supreme Court — and the 5th on this court. Catholicism used to be considered a political liability, but those tensions have appropriately subsided.

Nicholas Kristof and the Cheney Brief



Nick Kristoff just put it all the way it should be put to Vice President Cheney this morning. Everywhere he appears, someone should be asking: “What did you know about Plame, the leak, and the cover-up and when did you know it?” Read the entire piece — particularly the powerful last line: So, Mr.