Frist Makes Our Job Easy: The Leak Matters More to Him than the Secret Detention and Torture of Prisoners



I thought Bill Frist still had a chance to eke out a decent performance in the Republican presidential primary, even though the White House has been jacking him around like a raggedy-Andy doll — but no more. He admits that his priority is secret-keeping, not legal behavior behind that shroud of secrecy.

Peering Into Ahmad Chalabi’s Cesspool & What About New Jersey, Virginia and New York City?



Democrats won big in the New Jersey and Virginia Governor’s races — and a pragmatist who happens to be Republican won big in New York City. Lots of folks don’t like Bloomberg, but in my mind, he’s an old-line Republican centrist, and we need those back in bigger numbers.

What about Arresting Ahmad Chalabi on the Street Tomorrow at 2 p.m.? Just an Idea



Iraq Deputy Prime Minister and Chief of Duplicity and Deceit before America’s Iraq Invasion Ahmad Chalabi has arrived in Washington. He is going to speak at the American Enterprise Institute at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. The event is so full that several of my New America Foundation colleagues have been uninvited.

Bill Frist & Dennis Hastert: We Don’t Care About the Secret Detention Facilities — We Just Want to Know WHO Spilled the Beans to Dana Priest



Sometimes in this business of political commentary and blogging, certain things happen that just push one over an emotional edge. I like to give people — including politicians — the benefit of the doubt. I also tend to want to give our elected leaders and policy practitioners a chance to redeem themselves after bad decisions….

George Bush’s View: It’s Not Torture If There Isn’t Organ Failure and Death



Chris Nelson has a dynamite commentary tonight in the much-sought-after but hard-to-get Nelson Report. My obligations to Chris Nelson are growing as he allows me to share with you in the non-paying public excerpts (long excerpts) of his let-things-fall-where-they-will commentary on the big debates of the day.