Frist Makes Our Job Easy: The Leak Matters More to Him than the Secret Detention and Torture of Prisoners


I thought Bill Frist still had a chance to eke out a decent performance in the Republican presidential primary, even though the White House has been jacking him around like a raggedy-Andy doll — but no more.
He admits that his priority is secret-keeping, not legal behavior behind that shroud of secrecy. He can’t be President; Americans won’t trust him. Read this CNN story in which Frist flushes his own presidential aspirations right down the toilet.
I hear that few people showed up for the Chalabi protest, but that the AEI forum was packed — and that people asked reasonably tough questions. David Corn has some material up — and other bloggers, that I’ll post later.
I’m surprised few showed given the number of organizations that said they were sending people. Maybe a lot of people who wanted to be at the protest were stuck at the Prague Airport like I was for six and a half hours yesterday. In any case, I do think that Chalabi got the luke-warm, semi-hostile treatment he deserves.
More later — and best to all of you from Berlin.
— Steve Clemons