STOP HIM: Ahmad Chalabi Planning to Speak at American Enterprise Institute


The American Enterprise Institute is planning to host Ahmad Chalabi, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister, for his first American speech in 2 1/2 years at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9.
Chalabi should be in jail for the combination of espionage, lies, and deceit that he used to help seduce America into an invasion of Iraq that has left our nation’s military and economic portfolio in tatters.
I have a lot more to write tomorrow about Deputy Prime Minister Chalabi, a man I once met and to whom I listened carefully at the offices of the New Republic some years ago.
But Chalabi’s re-entry into Washington circles should be painful and embarrassing for him and his entourage.
More on this repugnant foe of American interests tomorrow.
— Steve Clemons