John Bolton: Wanted to Be His Own Intel Czar



Doug Jehl reports: With a vote scheduled Thursday on his contested nomination as ambassador to the United Nations, John R. Bolton has told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that a policy maker should maintain the right to “state his own reading of the intelligence” even when it differs from that of intelligence agencies. Mr.

Matthew Freedman Interview: Bolton “Management Consultant” Had Light Duties, Made More than $100k a Year, and Still Kept Private, Undisclosed Business Clients



Every day the Bolton fiasco grows more incredible. Some want to call this entire mess BoltonGate, but I don’t want to trivialize or resort to cliches (yet) to describe some of the really outrageous practices of the John Bolton fiefdom at the State Department.

It Was ALL Bolton. . .Not Fred Fleitz


A new set of controversial Bolton emails has made its way out of the State Department’s increasingly tightened access to all things related to John Bolton. In these, Reuters submits that Bolton’s Chief of Staff, Fred Fleitz, threatened to “diminish the role” of the Intelligence and Research Bureau.

Don’t Sell Americans Short: Pick Dobriansky — Not Bolton



Paula Dobriansky is a well-liked, talented international attorney who now serves as Under Secretary for Global Affairs at the Department of State. Previous to this position, she directed the Washington operation of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Cracks Showing in the Pro-Bolton Facade: Paula Dobriansky Next in Line for U.N. Job?



TWN has just learned that State Department officials are worried that Bolton’s nomination will not go through. The combination of stone-walling, withholding of key documents, shenanigans related to the long-awaited NSA intercepts and names of U.S.

Lawrence Wilkerson Blows Bolton’s Reputation Apart



The Senators want facts. Lawrence Wilkerson just blew Bolton’s professional performance in his Under Secretary job apart in his recent interviews. Senators will ignore the material at great peril because it discloses the lengths that then Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage went to keep Bolton contained and controlled.