Another Vignette of Why John Bolton is WRONG for the United Nations



Richard Lugar and others have been commenting that Bolton’s worst traits may be good skills for the Ambassadorial position in the United Nations. They argue that his combativeness and tendency towards abuse of people may help him turn the U.N. in directios it needs to go.

Dick Cheney’s Incredible, Imperial, Infallible Vice Presidency: White House Defies Biden and Lugar on Bolton Intercepts



The word is out. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will not get the much-wanted National Security Agency intercepts in which John Bolton expressed so much interest during his tenure as Under Secretary of State for International Security and Arms Control.

Many Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Bolton & Bush Wanted Intel to Match Pre-Conceived Plans



Warren Strobel and John Wolcott hit a homer with this piece today. Given President Bush’s predisposition in the Summer of 2002 to go to war before the intelligence on WMDs and Iraq had really come in (around October 2002), it is not surprising that Bolton demonstrated the same patterns of behavior.

John Bolton is Big News and Now a Household Name


One of the things that most bothered me about the beginning of the opposition efforts to John Bolton’s nomination is that so few thought that just opposing him because he didn’t seem to believe in the very concept of the United Nations was enough to make him unfit.

Matthew Freedman Lobbied for Ferdinand Marcos — While Mark Malloch Brown Lobbied for Cory Aquino



Senator Lugar was on the side of democracy in the Philippines before it became fashionable. But apparently Bolton “management advisor” Matthew Freedman was not. This just came to me from a reliable source who knew Freedman two decades ago: Steve, Your penultimate post (on Matthew Freedman) triggered long-stored memories.

With Some Troubling Issues on his Mind, Senator Biden writes to Secretary of State Rice



Senator Biden wrote yesterday to Condoleeza Rice indicating that he and Senator Lugar disagree as to the importance of the information requests that the minority staff has made of the State Department in the John Bolton investigation. Here is the letter.

Word from Senator Lugar on Bolton Evidence Questions



I’m about to board a plane. This is just in from Andy Fisher, Press Secretary to Senator Richard Lugar: We anticipate that sufficient discovery, information and due diligence will be completed in a timely manner for the vote to occur next Thursday as agreed.