Bolton Hammered and Harassed Coalition Allies on UNNECESSARY Article 98 Exemptions: Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic



Someone call George Voinovich. Talk about Bolton going off the deep end and being “mean,” Bolton hammered Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary unnecessarily and in a way that was sabotaging America’s primary interest of drumming up coalition support in Iraq. One thing I will say is that John Bolton is a hard worker.

Next Bolton Hearing Formally Announced; 10 a.m., 12 May 2005



From the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Thursday, May. 12, 2005 10 a.m. Foreign Relations Business meeting to consider the nominations of John Robert Bolton, of Maryland, to be the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, with the rank and status of Ambassador, and the U.S.

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Matthew Freedman: What it Must Feel Like to be Outed as John Bolton’s Management Advisor. . .



One TWN Reader just shared this: Just think. . .if you are Matt Freedman, having the fact advertised that you are a “management consultant” to john Bolton is like a plastic surgeon having it be known he worked on Michael Jackson.

Tension Brewing Between Republican Committee Staff and Personal Aides of Republican Senators



Senator Richard Lugar’s intervention in the efforts by Biden’s team to request information from the administration on John Bolton’s activities has had a chilling effect on the investigation. The impact on the collegiality and good will between the staffs on both sides of the Committee has been seriously wounded.