The NSA Intercepts Mystery: Michael Hayden Takes “Cloak and Dagger” to New Level


“John Bolton. John Bolton. John Bolton. I want John Bolton.”
I wonder if that is what Vice President Cheney is saying morning, noon and night to keep the Bolton nomination in play.
We now have full-fledged, genuine administration resistance to requests made by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — grounds for a lot of fireworks TWN thinks. And this resistance isn’t just to Biden requests, the administration is now also defying Richard Lugar — AND LUGAR WAS TRYING TO BE NICE TO THEM.
TWN has learned the Deputy Director of National Intelligence and former NSA Chief Michael Hayden does not plan on briefing Senators Rockefeller and Roberts until Monday on the NSA intercepts and related information requested by John Bolton.
Tick tock. Tick Tock. Time is a-wastin.
TWN has also learned that at this point it is not clear that General Hayden will even bring the documents with him to the briefing.
No documents. . .No details. . .No names. . .No intercepts. . .No Bolton confirmation?
TWN said that many of the questions on Bolton would be binary. He did bad stuff — or he didn’t.
Tension is mounting.
Why does Bush-Cheney want this guy so badly?
Wait, I realize we answered that a short time ago.
More later.
— Steve Clemons