Matthew Freedman: A Rough-and-Tough Kind of Management Consultant


Well, it’s clear that serving as a management advisor to John Bolton would require some tough resolve.
Here is an interesting clip which appeared in 1995 on PR Newswire on Matthew Freedman when he moved from Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly to the PBN Company:

“It has been quite an adventure at BMSK. I have jumped out of helicopters in the coca-growing jungles of Peru and waded through rice patties in the Philippines, and I’ve traveled from the military garrisons on the Indo-Pakistan border in Kashmir to the gridlocked streets in Nigeria. Now, it’s time to move on,” Freedman stated.
He said he was drawn to The PBN Company because of its focus on producing results for clients, and its aggressive communications strategy coupled with a dedicated and capable staff.
“PBN’s rapid response and personalized attention to client needs lured me away,” he said. “Its privatization public education activities in Moldova and Kazakhstan, coupled with a roster of Fortune 100 companies around the world, makes the potential for growth both exciting and challenging.”

Clearly a “Rambo” kind of guy.
More later. Just fyi, a storm — a big storm — is brewing over the NSA intercepts.
— Steve Clemons
(ed. Note: a salute to K.R. for send this material.)