Matthew Freedman: What it Must Feel Like to be Outed as John Bolton’s Management Advisor. . .


One TWN Reader just shared this:

Just think. . .if you are Matt Freedman, having the fact advertised that you are a “management consultant” to john Bolton is like a plastic surgeon having it be known he worked on Michael Jackson.

And here is a bit more substantiated background:

In 1998, Davis Manafort & Freedman, Inc. registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act representing Nigeria
NIGERIA: Federal Republic of Nigeria
Short Form Listing of Registrant’s Foreign Agents
Brady, Patrick (t)
Davis, Richard H.
Freedman, Matthew C.
Manafort, Paul J.
McKone, Timothy

TWN also has a rumored but unconfirmed claim that Matthew Freedman made “six figures” for his John Bolton service but according to the person (who may not have an unbiased view of Mr. Freedman) “didn’t seem to have many responsibilities.”
More later.
— Steve Clemons