The Mitt-Mobile vs. Huck-a-Bus



Just a week ago it seemed that Mitt Romney was on the verge of being swept away here in Iowa by Huckamania and, with McCain coming on strong in New Hampshire, from there on to political oblivion. And in a few short days it still may happen. (Have I mentioned before how fluid and uncertain things out here are?) But based on the latest polls (yes, yes, I know) it looks like Mitt might be staging a bit of a…

For Dems: Iowa Still Just Too Close to Call



I think Chris Bowers at Open Left just has a terrific, no-nonsense read on where the Democratic and Republican contenders stand in Iowa. He then runs through what various scenarios in Iowa mean for New Hampshire and then nationally. And here’s his national comment: Iowa and New Hampshire’s impact on the national campaign? According to fladem, the average national swing for a sweep of Iowa and New Hampshire is 33%. This means that if either Clinton or Obama win Iowa,…

Enough of Soft & Fuzzy Bipartisanship: America Needs a Dissident Ticket



The other day, I mentioned Bloomberg’s increasing fascination with running for President. According to an inside Bloomberg source, the “environment is not yet right” to commit to a run, but “he’s working through the details of a possible strategy.” Now we have news that former Senators Sam Nunn and David Boren are convening a bipartisan group of 17 senior Republican and Democratic leaders at the University of Oklahoma on January 6th and 7th (list amended below). The purpose, according to…

One Vote ’08



The “One Campaign” has put together a cool compilation of video commentary from every single one of the presidential candidates on “their plans to combat extreme poverty and global disease.” I have watched six or seven of the clips — and I think the template they used for this is impressive. I’d love to see other NGOs organize similar clips around their issues with all of the candidates responding, or avoiding the issue, in digitally recorded formats. I think folks…

Ron Paul Working the Dems



Here are two interesting emails I received this morning about Ron Paul’s efforts at soliciting the support of Democrats. The first is from Iowa resident, Keith Porter, who is the “Guide to US Foreign Policy” on The second is from a regular poster in TWN comments, well known as “POA” (aka Pissed Off American).

Agonizing Over the Candidates and Who They Really Are



Will Hillary Clinton really keep stroking the most anti-Castro crazed elder generation of Miami’s Cuban-American community? Or will she look at the demographic and polling data that show that most Cuban-Americans want a new course in US-Cuba relations, particularly with regard to travel to and from Cuba for Cuban-American families? Some near Hillary Clinton tell me that given Fidel Castro’s recent hint that he is moving from the front line of Cuba’s political machine to a row further back (or…

A View of Obama’s Ground Game: Sizzle and Challenges



Snow or no snow the “Obama Stand for Change tour” (or whatever it is that they are actually calling it) rolled into Iowa City yesterday. This event was supposed to target undecideds in the area, and I was told that the campaign was thinking about 300 people would show up. Three times that many packed the Junior High gym. I know that the closing days of a campaign it’s hard to make judgments based on crowd size — I remember…

Dodd’s Firefighters Take On Giuliani



Not sure what I really think about this video — it’s sort of a free ad (without the gloss) for Chris Dodd. But it is interesting to hear about firefighters taking their role in the Iowa caucuses as seriously as these guys do. It’s easy to understand why Rudy Giuliani abandoned Iowa today after this encounter. — Steve Clemons