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All of a sudden, I am getting a lot of email asking for my Twitter address. I guess there is some confusion about which Steve Clemons is the DC version. OK folks.


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  1. questions says:

    Every wonder why EVERYone is talking about how wicked public employees are?
    h/t Yves Smith for this one.
    Ummm, are elected officials also public employees?
    Do those who make money from gov’t contracting also sort of count as public employees?
    And do those whose paychecks come from tax exempt non profit think tanks sort of vaguely count as public employees?
    It’s be kinda funny if the biggest suckers off the “public teat” turned out to be anti-gov conservative Republicans…. Nah, not a chance!


  2. questions says:

    Could this signal the end of Michelle Rhee, the entire charter/testing/value added/fire the teachers and bust the unions shipwreck of Obama’s education policy? Could Arne Duncan also go away??!!
    If Michelle Rhee lied about/misled regarding/was mistaken about/distorted the test scores she elicited from 3rd graders in her brief career in an actual classroom, then it might suggest that the entire underpinning of our current education policy is equally a lie.
    She apparently claims that she took kids from the 13th percentile in 2nd grade to having 90% of them at the 90th percentile by the end of 3rd grade.
    What are the chances? Seriously.
    She parlayed this lie into a career of firing DC teachers, going on Oprah, championing the whole gawdawful mess we call education reform. Oh, and the movie Waiting for Superman apparently loves her too.
    And it’s all based on a lie.
    Time to get rid of TFA, VAM, and NCLB and RttT.
    Could we just do the following: talk to teachers about what they need, slow down the early grades for the kids who need catch up time, invest heavily in early childhood education (which is the only thing that has actually shown efficacy)?
    And could we stop the union bashing, teacher bashing, race baiting bullshit that marks our education discourse? Mark, mars, and muddles.


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