Senator Roberts’ Silly Move Today: Was it on Purpose? Or Did He Just Not Think This Through Well?


At about 6:30 this evening, Senator Pat Roberts proposed a so called compromise. Senator Roberts said he had gone through the minority report and found names that were listed in it, Carl Ford, Christian Westermann, Mr. Smith (Fulton Armstrong), Rexon Ryu, Jack Pritchard and two unnamed individuals.
Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte told Roberts that none of these names are in the intercepts. Of course not! This is a sorry gambit to try an appear as if the Republicans have assisted in the information requests.
Rememember that John Bolton said he wanted the American names to give context to conversations between the Americans and the foreign source.
Almost all these names don’t fit the bill, now do they?
Pat Roberts has not been investigating Bolton. He is in no position to try and connect dots — and now he has embarrassed himself with the illusion of compromise when the roster of names he selected was just a bizarrely inappropriate roster of likely candidates on those NSA intercepts.
Charging Rino is covering tonight’s silly escapade. It changes nothing other than making Senator Roberts look sadly uninformed.
Is this the best scam that the U.S. National Intelligence Director can pull off?
— Steve Clemons