Open Thread Time. . .but Senator Pat Roberts Gets Dunce Hat for the Day


Tonight, I am seeing Batman Begins. My friends are trying to slowly wean me off of constant “strategery” in the John Bolton battle.
Don’t worry though, I think that the film will give me some new ideas.
Tomorrow there could be another Bolton cloture vote. Senator Pat Roberts has just pulled one of the most idiotic moves in the Bolton Battle — trying to match the names of Bolton intel analyst victims with the redacted identities of U.S. officials in NSA intercepts.
Roberts then took the names of Rexon Ryu, Christian Westermann, and other Bolton road-kill and asked John Negoponte if those names are in the intercepts. Negroponte said none were listed of course — all staged, all kabuki. . .stacked deck. It would be funny if not such a pathetic act.
What a stupid, uninformed, ridiculously idiotic move for the Senator to make.
The NSA intercepts are conversations outside the United States, usually between foreign individuals, and not at all with intel analysts.
Senator Roberts has just demonstrated why we need to improve our education system in this country. . .for some Senators.
It is such an apples and oranges thing. I can’t think about it anymore.
The thread is yours. . .
Have fun.
— Steve Clemons